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Literary Journal Publishes Women’s Writing Retreat Essay

Minerva Rising Literary Journal co-editor and poet Dulcie Witman invited me to write a guest essay for their blog.  My essay, Women Who Have Something to Say, reflects the women’s creative writing and yoga workshop/retreat experience.

Minerva Rising Literary Journal celebrates the creativity and wisdom in every woman.  Their blog invites guest writers to contribute essays, stories, experiences, insights and perspectives.  The pieces are usually creative non-fiction written in the first person.

Minerva Rising publishes two editions per year.  It seeks submissions of written works that include photographs.  The current theme is “rebellion.”  Give it a try!

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A Passport Travel Wallet Designed by a Traveler

That “traveler” would be me!

My friend, Asheville, NC, artist Gwen Diehn, is at it again.  This time, in addition to writing books about art journaling, and making hand-made art books and book binding,  she is delving into the world of creative, recycled wallets and related paraphernalia — called Piece Work Wallets & Things.

We met up last weekend in Asheville over a great dinner with mutual friends Natalie and Paul.  I admired (and coveted) her whimsical wallets and ordered one custom-made to hold money, credit cards, and a travel notebook.  THEN, I thought, what about a Passport holder that would hang around my neck so I wouldn’t have to fumble for it going through airport security.  I described it and she sketched it on the spot.

Gwen knew I was leaving tomorrow for Oaxaca, so she immediately manufactured what I described (using her “new” treadle sewing machine and recycled found materials).  Lo and behold, there it appeared on my front doorstep less than two days later.

See Gwen’s Website/Blog call Piece Work Wallets & Things:  Click here on the link  to see (and order) a whimsical wallet or Passport holder for yourself.

From Lark Books, Real Life Journals: Designing and Using Hand Made Books by Gwen Diehn.