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Travel and Time, Time Travel and Packing for Oaxaca

This is my travel to Oaxaca day!

It’s 6:45 a.m. in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and I have the luxury of an 11:15 a.m. flight from RDU to IAH, then a 5 hour layover until a 6 p.m. flight that will deposit me in my beloved Oaxaca at 8:22 p.m. tonight. During the layover, I have my appointment with the federal government to complete the process for my Global Entry application to streamline reentry to the U.S. for international travel.  I’ll write more about that after the fact.

Packing Tip: Use a rigid basket for protection

It is said that time was invented by the Mayans.  Their “cousins” the Zapotecs have their own observatory on the top of Monte Alban — now an archeological site — dedicated to the calculation of time.  I have had a discussion this week with our B&B hosts in Teotitlan del Valle about whether our workshop schedule will be in “Oaxaca time” or “puebla time.”  Oaxaca city, 30 minutes away, goes on verano (daylight savings time).  Time in the village never changes. Thus, one hour separates the village from the city, and we enter into a constant zone of confusion during the summer months — what time is it?  And if one is late, this becomes a perfect reason.

As I travel through time and space today, I have packed in preparation for my return trip.  I have taken photos of my packing method so you can see for yourself.  This is the perfect way to keep fragile items from breaking.

1.   I bought the BIG suitcase in 1994 for my trip to China.  I use it as my personal shipping container!

The REALLY BIG suitcase

2.  Inside is a large, rigid bamboo basket and a bag of packing materials that I will use to protect anything fragile that I may buy and bring home.

3.  I’ve got my big sun hat — you’ll see that I have stuff packing material into the crown so it won’t get squished.

4.  Shoes, gifts, and special orders from friends make-up most of the rest of what’s in here along with materials for our upcoming photo workshop.

5.  I’m in at just under 50 lbs.  — 49.4 to be exact!

Suitcase as packing crate!

The big deal is that when I pack this way and have the rigid basket, I don’t have to worry about buying shipping materials or paying $100+ for shipping costs.  I’ve only had one broken item in all the years I’ve been going back and forth!

Buen viaje a todos!

Oaxaca Summer Packing List

Alert: Rainy Season!  We’re getting lots of rain in Oaxaca now.  Great for planting season but inconvenient for hot-footing it around town, unless you duck in for an afternoon mezcal, beer or coffee mocha 🙂  Come prepared.

A grueling travel day is coming to a close. As much as I plan ahead and start way in advance on the packing ordeal, somehow, I can’t seem to complete it before the 11th hour, and that’s exactly when we went to bed (you notice I didn’t say “to sleep”). The alarm was set for 2 a.m. so we could leave the house at 3 a.m. to arrive at the airport by 4 a.m. to be there with enough breathing space for the 2-hour requirement to show up for the international flight. All in all, everything came off without a hitch, including primo space in the park’n ride lot. Continental does not charge for baggage as of this writing. I took the largest suitcase I own and crammed it full of recycled good clothing to give to villagers, as well as the essentials for a Oaxaca Summer Vacation. It’s 84 degrees, clear skies with great pillows of cumulus clouds, breezy and hot. Definitely high desert sunglasses and sunscreen weather — good for dressing light and comfortable. Evenings definitely cool down to high 50’s-low 60’s; a sweater and shawl are definitely needed.

Here’s what’s inside the luggage:

1 pair black rayon slacks, washable and matching black tank top (great for dressier evenings)

1 black cotton jacket, washable

1 sweater (or sweatshirt)

1 pair microfiber hiking pants

1 linen spaghetti strap dress

2 linen skirts with matching long sleeve jackets (for sun protection)

3 tank tops

Hiking boots and 4 pairs of hiking socks

Black mary janes with funky socks (3 pairs)

Straw hat with 4 inch brim

Underwear for 4 days

Nylon raincoat with hood (weighing no more than 6 ounces)

We’re not going to the beach this trip, so I didn’t pack a bathing suit.

Sundries and Toiletries: Tylenol, Purell (to carry at all times), travel size shampoo, lip gloss, sunscreen (SPF 55), deodorant, echineacea, sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, moleskin, cortisone cream, bandaids, antibiotic topical gel (you never know when you might need this), and prescription medication (be sure to get these filled several days in advance).

Tip: Call your cell phone service provider to get extended coverage for Mexico. It’s well worth being able to stay in touch with spouse or traveling companions should you decide to split up and meet later! Calls are costing us 65 cents per minute, so we’re careful.

I pack heavy because I cram in lots of good used clothing (careful not to exceed the 50 lb. limit) that I bring to give away to families in need, and then that frees up space for the trip home when I have room for any special purchases. I also pack plenty of bubble wrap (saves expense on this end) and a roll of packing tape. I usually will purchase a large handwoven basket at the local market, put it inside my suitcase, and then put the bubble-wrapped fragile piece of art inside it for extra protection. For the cover, I use a woven round tray. Everything I have packed this way in the past has arrived home in one piece without the expense of paying for special packing and shipping.