Category Poem: Teotitlan del Valle

Delight of winter warmth,

carved stones from an ancient culture

supporting the Dominican Catholic church,

rusty red coiled bedspring fence,

hot pink bougainvilleas framing arched entries,

braying donkeys — a wake-up call, cobblestones under foot,

the sentinel mount Picacho, looms, dye pots,

cauldrons of fresh hot chocolate, pollo con mole,

Samburguesa’s tacos, Anita’s nieves,

daily market hubbub, abuelas adorned in aprons

and braids, guacalotes gurgling and clucking,

a basketball court at the end of Avenida Juarez ,

hanks of freshly dyed yarn

drying on a wood fence, children in uniform

off to school, coffee at the Sacred Bean, a farmer

leading his bull to pasture, bedspring fence,

faded black mourning ribbon above the doorway,

green quinciniera bouquet, health message graffiti,

un poquito mezcal in teeny green cups, urns of

lilies on the home altar, maize growing in the church

courtyard, aged fife player leading the

marching band, whirling July dancers with feathered

plumes, beeswax candles made by hand,

cat curled in the window box, gnarled hands forming

tamales, songs at Sunday mass, grecas carved

in 2,000 year old stone, hard work, family

celebrations, vintage bus to Benito Juarez painted verdant

mountain adornment, waiting for tourists, life goes on.

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