$480 USD RT Airfares to Oaxaca

and $260 USD RT airfares to Mexico City on Continental Airlines!  Now that’s a bargain.  Stephen and I booked flights to Mexico City leaving on July 15.  We’re going to land, take a bus to Puebla (40 minutes from Mexico City) to oggle Rococco buildings with facades covered in talavera tile, then after two days of sightseeing, head on down to Oaxaca, a four-hour bus ride from Puebla, to arrive in time for Guelaguetza.  With airport and immigration taxes, the total airfare per person was $371.

This is rock-bottom pricing, lower than any “best fare” I’ve seen over the last four years.  So, I went ahead and bought my Day of the Dead ticket to return at the end of October for a week.  I’m still hoping that people will come to their senses and realize that this is not an epidemic.  I hope we will have participants sign up for the Day of the Dead tour I am offering in Teotitlan del Valle and Oaxaca from October 29 to November 4.  And, in anticipation of this, bought my round-trip ticket from Raleigh-Durham to Oaxaca (via Houston) for another great rock-bottom fare of $480 RT plus taxes.

I went online to www.hotels.com and found a 50% off room at the 4-star Camino Real Hotel Puebla, located in a 16th restored convent.  Cost is $68 per night when booked and paid in advance — an unbelievable price. Una buena discuenta.

Last week, the New York Times reported two deaths from the H1N1 flu virus.  It is evaporated from the front page.  Yet, the hysteria does not seem to be subsiding.  My friend Sheri Brautigam says there are no tourists on the 16th century cobblestone streets of Oaxaca.

I am defying the fear-factor and intend to take advantage of these great prices to get back to Mexico.  What about you?

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