Oaxaca Health Update: May 2009

This just in from Gary Titus, director of the Oaxaca Learning Center, that is a schoolfor locals and a guesthouse and tutoring service for visitors:
“…Mexico is getting some bad press both from the H1N1 flu and the drug cartels.

Well the flu did scare us. We closed the center for 10 days in keeping with the closure of all schools in the nation.  We instituted hand washing and did in-house education. We had three cancellations for May, but four days later the couple who had rented the apartment saw that the situation was not as bad as originally thought and arrived.  They are happily tucked in upstairs.  At this point, life is back to normal.

That very special Oaxaca normal.

It is true that there is trouble with drug cartels, especially on the border with the US. However, we are fine here in Oaxaca and have had a lot of visitors in the last few months. With the exception of the month of May, we have had a very good year with lots of guests and a full tutoring service with a waiting list.

Remember also that in these times of economic hardship, it is less expensive visiting Oaxaca than a lot of other places. This is an excellent time to come. In the newsletter, you will see a list of rental times still available over the next few months.

When you come, bring along that used lap top or digital camera you are no longer using. Our students can make good use of these.  Also, please forward this information to your friends.

Hoping to see you soon,  Gary
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