‘Making Rights a Reality: The Oaxaca Social Movement’ by Lynn Stephen

This was sent along to me from Duke University faculty who are using it as a teaching and learning resource.  Thought you’d be interested.

For those of you who haven’t already seen it, I wanted to pass along the link to Lynn Stephen’s new digital ethnography, “Making Rights a Reality:  The Oaxaca Social Movement, 2006 – present”: http://www.mraroaxaca.uoregon.edu/ It is built around 35 video-testimonials recorded in Spanish with English subtitles and links to YouTube. It also includes documents, photos, and events videos. In addition to having some compelling new information about what has gone down recently in Oaxaca, this would be great for either an intro class or  an advanced undergrad methods class — there’s a lot to work with in terms of different kinds of sources and putting sources in conversation with one another.  The site is organized into thematic chapters, but it seems like each of them can more or less stand alone, if you wanted to use them in different units of a course.  I haven’t had a chance to use it in the classroom myself — it just went live in late May — but I’m excited to incorporate it into my syllabi.

Many thanks to Lynn for sending this to me — if you have any questions, you might want to contact her directly at stephenl@uoregon.edu.

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