Choco-Cafe: Our Favorite Oaxaca Beverage

Every morning we wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee — with a Oaxaca flavor:  The addition of fresh grated Oaxaca Chocolate.  This way we keep our memory of Oaxaca alive as we start each day.  Here’s how it goes:  Stephen puts the ground organic beans into the filter and we turn on the pot.  We usually bring 10 kilos back from Elsa’s family coffee farm located in the highlands between Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido.  When we run out (which we do frequently), we turn to a fresh grind from Weaver Street Market (Carrboro, NC) or Trader Joe’s (most everywhere) that is a mix of Columbian and French Roast.  With our coffee paraphernalia, we keep a stick of hard Oaxaca chocolate that is blended with cinnamon, sugar and almonds and a small grater.  The grated chocolate goes into the cup first, then we add a little sugar or Splenda, pour in the coffee and stir.  You can buy this form of chocolate at good Mexican tiendas.  This is a delicious drink, and if you add hot milk, makes a great hot chocolate-style beverage.  Enjoy!

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