Getting Ready to Leave Checklist

Print boarding passes and bus tickets.

Make extra copies of passport.

Call bank to notify them not to block credit/debit cards and authorize international use.

Notify postal carrier to hold mail until return date.

Leave an inside faucet dripping and remove hoses from outside faucets.

Water plants.

Pack giveaway clothes in extra suitcase to fill with goodies on return trip.

Charge computer, camera and smart phone; pack chargers into carry-on.

Assemble medicines, toiletries, sunscreen.

Pack bubble wrap and packing tape.

Clothing to pack: fleece vest, fleece long-sleeve T-shirt, 1 pair hiking pants, 1 dress, one pair hiking shoes, 6 pairs socks, 6 panties, 4 long sleeve silk Tees, 2 sleeveless tank tops, sun hat, wool shawl, 1 big overshirt, lightweight jacket. Leave good jewelry at home (no gemstones); pack one necklace and earrings that you won’t cry over if it gets “lifted”.

Clothing to wear: washable black dress, washable black silk pants, socks, clogs, long wool sweater, cotton shawl.  Jewelry that doesn’t buzz through the security checkpoint (no gold or silver).

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