Spanish Language Schools in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is full of language schools.  Walk around the Zocalo and  Santo Domingo church area and you will see small groups of gringos sitting on a bench or on the church wall or a sidewalk cafe sipping a limonada or naranjada with lessons in hand, practicing in dyads with classmates who become friends.

From time to time, I am asked for recommendations.  Which language school should I attend? someone says.  Which one is the best? asks another.  I have never attended a language school in Oaxaca, so I cannot give you a personal recommendation.  I can refer you to these resources, suggested by my friend and comadre Roberta Christie.

Roberta says that this school is very good and has many loyal students.

Lauren Waits, who lived in Oaxaca for a year with her family, participated in our documentary filmmaking workshop, and took Spanish lessons from Rogelio Ballesteros Castro at Instituto Amigos del Sol,  highly recommends the experience/quality.

Avenida Pino Suarez #802, Oaxaca, Mexico, 68000 Tel: 1 33 60 52 (local)

Other schools are listed on the Planeta Dot Com Website:

My husband Stephen, a former Peace Corps ESL teacher, says that the best way to learn is through immersion, speaking and repetition.  Grammar and the study of tenses will come much later after you listen, speak, and repeat phrases.

If you have attended a Spanish language school in Oaxaca, please add your recommendations here.

Thanks again for your recommendations!  I had my last day at the Spanish Magic school today and everything was just great!  I stayed at the school, at the home of the director, Flor.  All has been very divertido!  I have been to several Guelaguetza events, and feel so fortunate that I could travel to Oaxaca at this time.  What a fiesta!  Plus, there has been the fiesta of mescal and one for one of the churches, so the joint has been jumpin!  Tomorrow I go to San Miguel for a week, and then, quien sabe?  There´s much to explore!

Many thanks, again!”  – Sue-Anne Solem

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