Oaxaca, Mexico Rugs For Sale: Handwoven with Natural Dyes

Most of these tapestries are handwoven by master weaver Federico Chavez Sosa from Teotitlan del Valle who uses 100% wool dyed with natural plant materials and cochineal.  I guarantee that these are THE REAL THING!  One of the rugs comes from my personal collection and has never been used.  Prices do not include shipping and packing materials.  If you tell me where you live, I will be happy to send you a quote for shipping costs.  100% of  the sales from Federico’s rugs goes directly to the family in Teotitlan del Valle.  I do not take a commission.  If you are interested, you may pay by check or PayPal.  Contact me at normahawthorne@mac.com

Diamond + Greca, $400, 36" x 50"

Zapotec Greca, $185, 2' x 3'

Greca Coral and Turquoise 2' x 3'

Traditional Greca, $400, 30-1/2" x 64"

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