Bummer! Mexicana Airlines Declares Bankruptcy, Cancels All Flights

A bunch of us had flights booked and paid for on Mexicana Airlines to get to Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead documentary photography workshop at the end of October 2010.  Carol wrote to me to say she had just discovered that Mexican had canceled all their flights, no refunds were possible, and the company she had taken her travel insurance with did not cover this particular airline.  I was in a bit of a panic.

Carol had made her travel plans on US Air via Orbitz.  US Air would not find her a replacement carrier.  I had booked on Continental RT to Mexico City, and then did a separate one-way ticket on Mexicana from MC to OAX at the cost of $107 USD.  Carol finally got Orbitz to rebook her on AeroMexico for a minimal extra cost.  I went in and did the same, booking my flight on AeroMexico to guarantee I would get to Oaxaca on time.  By the time I got to it yesterday, the price had gone up $35 on the one-way from morning to late afternoon.

Chrissy said she talked to her credit card company and they said they would refund the amount she had paid to Mexicana and she rebooked on AeroMexico.  I may try to do the same.

Meanwhile, who knows what will happen with Mexicana.  Perhaps there will be investors interested in a fire sale.

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