How to Get From Oaxaca Airport to the City or Teotitlan del Valle

Getting from the Oaxaca airport to the city or to Teotitlan del Valle is easy and convenient.  And the cost is reasonable.  It costs about 75 pesos to go from the airport to the city in a shared van.  It cost about 550 pesos to get from the airport to Teotitlan del Valle. (One dollar equals about 10 pesos, more or less.)

Get pesos in Houston, in Mexico City at an ATM or at the second floor ATM at the Oaxaca airport.

Here is what you do:

As you exit ADUANA (customs) and baggage claim at the small Oaxaca airport, you will go through the glass doors and exit into the small lobby area.  Straight ahead of you is the exit door to outside.  To the right of the exit door is the ticket booth to buy a government regulated collective van ride.  Don’t blink or you might miss it!  You can go to the city in a shared van or you can go to Teotitlan del Valle.  If you don’t speak Spanish, write the address out on a piece of paper and present it to the counter clerk.

All the airport taxis are government regulated.

The ride to the City will take about 15 minutes and the ride to Teotitlan will take about 40-50 minutes.

If you are participating in one of our workshops, retreats, or expeditions, I will email all the participants so you can make your own arrangements to coordinate arrival and share transportation, if possible.

Buen viaje!


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