Visitor Talks About Safety: Quiet and Calm in Oaxaca

I asked Gary Titus, director of the Oaxaca Learning Center, if I could post his email message to me about safety and he agreed.


Here is a letter from a recent guest at the Oaxaca Learning Center Bed and Breakfast:

Hi, I am Susan Moore.  I was talking to the center’s organizer, Gary Titus, recently and he told me that reservations at the Center’s bed and breakfast are down, owing to the recent press about Mexican drug violence. Though I understand that parts of Mexico are indeed dangerous, especially the northern border areas, the area around Oaxaca is quite calm. I was there for two weeks this spring – a single woman traveling alone — and found the people friendly, helpful and eager to share their culture. In fact, they couldn’t have been more courteous.

Oaxaca is a famously beautiful city, with a rich history and colorful culture, and staying at the Center’s bed and breakfast is a great way to experience it. Gary and his staff are wonderful – and English-speaking – guides, which is very helpful for trip planning.

But the Center’s real work is to prepare indigenous high school students for further studies, and it is profits from the bed and breakfast that offer stipends for the young tutors. As a guest there you can interact with the students and have a cultural exchange, or you can choose to simply sight see and take advantage of the Center’s great location in the central historic district.


Dear Friends,

“Oaxaca is one of our planet’s magical places, and this is a great time to enjoy it!  Contrary to what you might hear about Mexico in the US media, Oaxaca is safe and beautiful.  Come and stay with us at the Oaxaca Learning Center’s Bed and Breakfast or in our rooftop apartment.

“And take advantage of our July through September special: a free cooking class with our chef Andrés with every reservation!

“So plan to take your vacation this year in Oaxaca and stay at the Oaxaca Learning Center. It’s a vacation you can feel good about on many levels. Don’t miss it! ”

Gary Titus, Director, Oaxaca Learning Center


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