Look Upstairs! Money Machines at the Oaxaca Airport

Travelers to Oaxaca–Take Note!

Santander, Bansi and Banamex ATM Machines

Traveling to Oaxaca and arriving at the Oaxaca, Mexico airport?  Do you need pesos?  As you exit Aduana (customs)  look to your left in the waiting area and you will see a wide stairway that goes up to the second floor.  In the area just before you enter the restaurant (bathrooms are to the left and very clean), you will see the ATM machines.   A handy place to get money if you are coming directly from Houston to Oaxaca.

Exchange rates from ATMs in Mexico are the best and you get a better rate than when you change dollars at the casa de cambio (money exchange).  Don’t bother with Travelers Cheques–nobody takes them.

Bank of America owns 50% of Santander so there is a reciprocal agreement to waive the usage fee and 3% surcharge if you are a  B of A customer.

And if you are hungry, the restaurant is very good!

Looking down from the ATM machines


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