Oaxaca, Mexico Brigitte Huet Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

"Lady" Earrings, $120 and Bracelet, $370 for the medium, and $410 for large

Brigitte Huet, Kand-Art jewelry designs, has lived and worked in Oaxaca for over 25 years.  She has a large following of very loyal clients from around the world. She recently sent me some great photos of her designs and the price list.  I have many of these pieces available for sale with shipment from my home in the U.S.

4 Elements pendent, $150; earrings, $110; chain (inquire), bracelet, $570 (not pictured)

All the sales go directly to Brigitte.  I make no commission!  If you are interested in a purchase, please let me know by email.  I am happy to send you dimensions.

"Circulos" bracelet, $270 and earrings, $95; Counting chain bar and circle design

"Gift Air" Pendant, $175 and Bracelet, $500; Aztec Eagle Design

"Vision" serpent pendant, $160 and earrings, $85

You can contact Brigitte directly.

"Mystic Dream" Collar (pendant with attached chain), $400


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