Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Practice Your Passion. Tribute to Steve Jobs.

When I opened my New York Times news page this morning, I cried. As I watched the commencement speech that Steve Jobs delivered to Stanford University graduates in 2005, I cried.  Why? Because he touched my life in such a meaningful and personal way — his vision, insight, compassion and technology acumen gave me the tools to create my own passion, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator.

I pound away on my Apple MacBook Pro every day.  This is my fourth Apple computer (and I tend to hold on to them for years).  I carry my iPhone and iPad with me everywhere.  I am an Apple lover of a mature age who still desires to adopt and use new technology.   Apple has given me the freedom to write, create, innovate and connect because of mobile communications technology.

So, I guess the key operative word here is “love” for this piece of equipment that I imbue with human qualities because through it I am able to express what I feel about Oaxaca and Mexico, connect with people all over the world, engage in reciprocal sharing of ideas and insights, and make a difference.

This is my tribute to Steve Jobs and the legacy he created:  iMagine a world without iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks —  your impact will be felt for generations to come.  You will endure in the iCloud as one of the greatest innovators of our time.  Our work and how we communicate is a tribute to you.  I am grateful and  iThank you.

Soon, I will embark on a new adventure (to be announced soon) and I keep Steve Jobs words close to me: Stay Hungry.  Stay Foolish.

I have found what I love in Oaxaca Cultural Navigator and this is what I consider to be my “great work” and a “matter of my heart and intuition.”   In my new adventure I will be hungrier!  I am foolish!   (Who steps away from the familiar and embarks on something new in a down economy?)   Ultimately, all we have is time and our health and courage.  This is the lesson from Steve Job’s life for me: Practice My Passion.


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