Happy New Year 2011 from Oaxaca: Prospero Ano Nuevo

This is a perfect, balmy day, clear with a light breeze, cool in the shadows, warm in the sun.  I am sitting in my room with the turquoise Judi Slot Online door open to the patio where the pomegranate trees are in blossom, an intense coral.  The fruit is ripening and in various stages of development.  The mature fruit is pure red/orange.  The immature fruit is avocado green with a blush of peach.

Magda is shaking out a rug, readying it for sale.  Josefina is in the kitchen preparing for the evening meal of homemade tamales.  They will be soft custard masa stuffed with bits of chicken and mole amarillo, tucked neatly into translucent tender mint green corn husks, and then steamed.  This is the traditional new year fiesta meal in Teotitlan del Valle.

A cock crows.  In the distance I hear the band — a drum roll, a horn announcing something special.  Zapotec, the indigenous tonal language spoken here, is exchanged between the women like a song.  Now, Rosalina brushes a broom across the patio.  They prepare for the new year.  It is also my birthday todayand with modest celebration, I will walk up the hill to get a shiatsu massage from my friend Annie, then raise a glass of mescal tonight in quiet tribute to a new year to come and the blessings of years past.

Happy new year to you all!  May your life be filled with the blessings of contentment, good health, intimate connection, and peace.  Each slot terbaru of us deserves nothing less.

Now, some photos to share:

Ixcel Guadalupe Chavez Santiago

Las Hijas de Ester y Rucio

Tapetes (rugs) de Galeria Fe y Lola

Spinning Wheel for Bobbins

Three Little Pigs

Plow Bulls in Agave Field



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