Portrait Photography Workshop in Oaxaca: The Best of Day Two

The family of weaver Erasto “Tito” Mendoza Ruiz are wonderful subjects for portrait photography.  Rather than explain, I will show by introducing you to Tito, his wife Alejandrina, and their two children Liliana and Santiago.   Here are my best portraits of the day.


Thanks so much to Tito, Alejandrina, Liliana and Santiago for participating with us.  Ale and Tito own El Nahual a folk art gallery in Oaxaca city.  It is filled with some of the best treasures of the villages along with Tito’s stunning, award-winning Saltillo-style tapestry weaving and Francisco Toledo‘s lithographs and etchings. Please visit when you are in town.


For me,  it is much easier to photograph one person than four people!  So patience, humor, taking plenty of breaks, asking your subjects to stretch, and taking more photos than you think you need is the key to getting a selection of really good shots.

Our next Oaxaca Market Towns and Artisan Villages photography workshop starts June 28.



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