Antiques & Folk Art in Puebla, Mexico–La Quinta de San Antonio

Directly across from our Hotel Real Santander is treasure trove of collectibles, antiques, folk art, sculpture, chandeliers, textiles, and jewelry.  Everything inside La Quinta de San Antonio Antiguedades y Arte Popular is at least mid-century and much, much older.  I would measure the contents in cubic rather than square feet.  Look up across the 20-foot high colonial ceilings of this 16th century structure and scan the room so you are sure not to miss anything.  Here is a visual journey of this fabulous shop operated by Antonio and Alfonso.







Antonio Ramirez Priesca prowls the villages and towns throughout the Puebla valley to find the very best treasures.  Old Puebla families call him when they want to dispose of an heirloom estate.  Antonio’s family has been in Puebla for a long time.  He and Alfonso have extraordinary taste and an excellent eye for the unusual.



The colors and textures and shapes are assemblages that tell a story.  Hard and soft surfaces are combined.  Clay, metal, dried flowers create a still life that any great painter would appreciate.


Find La Quinta de San Antonio at Calle 7 Oriente #10, Centro Historico Puebla, (222) 232-1189.   You’ll recognize Antonio by the photo below!




On Sundays you might find Alfonso at the flea market on Calle 6 Sur between Calles 5 and 7 Oriente near the fountain.  Today,  he had the antique sterling silver earring box with him.  Who could resist?

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