Shop Mexico: Artisan Sisters — Week 5

Today the Artisan Sisters offer for sale two beautiful indigo-dyed pillow covers and a classical Spanish-style hand-carved mirror covered in luxurious gold and silver leaf.  These are from our Oaxaca collection.  Please email first to check availability before making your PayPal purchase.  We will calculate shipping costs based on your address and send you an invoice.  And, be sure to see our other items for sale from earlier weeks — click on Shop Mexico.

1.  Indigo-dyed pillow, hand-woven from churro sheep wool in the village of Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Design is Zapotec diamond.  Notice the lovely variegation in the weaving.  See the companion pillow below.  Black cotton back with zipper closure.  Measures  11-3/4″ square.  Item #1-6112012.  $25 USD.  Buy both for $45 USD.

2.  Pillow cover, churro wool dyed with indigo.  This piece has a green cast to it from dyeing and over dyeing.  Either a stand-alone or a companion piece to the one above. Black cotton back with zipper closure. Measures 11-3/4″ square. Item #2-6112012.  $25 USD.  Buy both for $45 USD.

3.  From the village of Santa Ana Zegache, we present this extraordinary mirror in a hand-carved wood frame embellished with gold and silver leaf, and cochineal red paint by Proyecto Zegache.  A stunning addition to foyer or wall still-life assemblage.  This is a recreation of original 16th Century workmanship with fastidious adherence to classical Spanish motifs.  Measures 6-1/4″ high x 6″ wide.  Item #3-6112012.  $135 USD.

Don’t forget to contact us first by email  to see if the item you want is still available.  We will send you a PayPal invoice after we calculate shipping costs based on your Zip Code.  Many thanks, The Artisan Sisters.

Come see Oaxaca for yourself during Day of the Dead and attend our Photography Expedition, October 28-November 4.


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