Shop Mexico: The Artisan Sisters Week 6–Ricardo Linares Sculpture

Today we offer you one outstanding piece for sale by The Artisan Sisters.  This incredible papier-maché skull by Mexico City artist Ricardo Linares G. is signed and dated 5/11/93.  In Mexico, one name and one family is associated with the public display of “cartonería” arts—Linares.


This impressive piece stands 22-1/2″ tall x 11″ wide.  It is in pristine condition.  Item #1_06182012. $1,625.

Watch the eyes.  Can you see them following you?  On the crown of the skull, one calavera rests against a tree trunksgrowing out of the skull, another lolls nearby, while two devils cavort above in the branches.


Papier-mâché figures are an integral part of popular street art and fiesta culture, accessible to all Mexicans. From large “Judas” figures used in Holy Week ceremonies, Day of the Dead “calacas” or skeletons, used on altars, to the fantastical creatures call “alebrijes” invented by “Papa” Pedro—the figures breathe color and life into simple paper, glue, and reed. Ricardo Linares (grandson of Don Pedro) is one of the most prolific members on the family.  Museums, galleries and private exhibitions in the U.S.A. and Europe have had his work on display.

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