Oaxaca Best of Week Photos by Deanna Chute: Women, Men, Conversations and Markets

With very little formal background in photography … I came here to improve my photography and that is exactly what I did.  I am very grateful and thrilled with the results.  The most valuable aspects of the workshop were the technical ones, as well as the time to practice and think about my work.  I especially enjoyed the Parade of the Canastas and the Dance of the Feather.  It was truly an honor to be here at such a special time.   Many thanks, Deanna Chute, San Francisco, California, participant, Oaxaca Photography Workshop: Market Towns and Artisan Villages, summer 2012.
Deanna’s theme for her final presentation is Women, Men, Conversations and Markets.  Be sure to click on each photo to enlarge to get the full impact!

Coming up is Day of the Dead, a spectacular religious and cultural ritual celebrated in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Don’t miss our Day of the Dead Photography Expedition to take you into the heart of the culture.

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