Oaxaca Best of Week Photos by Rachel Bailey: Crosses and Doors

Rachel Bailey is a social studies teacher from Columbus, Ohio, and this was her first international travel experience. She explains: The photography workshop was inspiring. Not only did it open up my world to a new culture, I gained a new passion for photography. The experience opened my eyes to some really incredible people who are no longer “foreign” to me. Plus, I learned a great deal about my camera ISO, shutter, aperture and photographic composition. I worried I did not have enough photography experience but I felt very comfortable. Tom and Sam Robbins are excellent teachers and photographers.

Rachel’s aesthetic focused on doors, those partially open and closed. A perfect metaphor. And crosses that call to worship and connote respect atop mountains, in churches, homes and surprising places.

2012 Day of the Dead Photography Expedition at the end of October is our next cultural immersion adventure. Won’t you join us?

Be sure to click on each photo to great more detail and a full-view of what Rachel captured.

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