Ten Days in Teotitlan del Valle: Emily’s Photo Workshop Blog

What it is like to drop into another culture for ten days?  Emily Moore writes about her experience returning to Teotitlan del Valle this summer to attend the 2012 Oaxaca Photography Workshop: Market Towns and Artisan Villages.  Her blog, Ten Days in Teotitlan captures how she feels about the village, her friendship with Omar Chavez Santiago, her best friends who returned for the second year to attend with her, and her extraordinary photos.


Emily’s Best of Week photos are included in the blog.  I’m posting a few here for your enjoyment. Emily likes to work in black & white photography, so she shoots on the digital camera and then converts her photos using a photo editing software.


Emily lives in New Albany, Ohio, just outside Columbus and attends Ohio State University.  She just completed her freshman year and works at an ice cream shop to fund her education.  She saved her own money to attend this workshop.  I think you will see this work ethic reflected in her photographic point-of-view and in the maturity and self-reflection of her writing.

Enjoy Emily’s Best of Week photos and let us know how her blog affected you!

And, come with us on a photo journey to explore Day of the Dead 2012.  We still have spaces left!


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