Nachos, Chips and How to Pick a Taxi in Mexico

Did you know that the nickname for Ignacio is Nacho?  I didn’t realize that until Saturday when I stood out on a Puebla street corner with friends to find us a taxi to go to San Pedro Cholula and Santa Maria Tonantzintla for the day.  I have a surefire strategy for picking taxis that has rarely failed me.  Today was no exception.  I scout the passing taxis for cleanliness, fully inflated tires, no dents and a recent model year.  I also like drivers who are mature, which in this country means over 40 years old.

After allowing several taxis to pass by, I hailed one and asked the price.  He wanted 150 pesos an hour which I thought was too much.  When I said so, he drove off in a huff without even a negotiation.  Glad that didn’t work out!  Surly taxi drivers are a pain.

The next taxi was driven by a man who said he would take us for 120 pesos an hour, done deal.  Big smile.  Warm eyes.  Bright orange Polo shirt.  This was Nacho, who introduced himself as Ignacio.  But, he said, his REAL nickname was Chips, the USA derivative of Nachos!  Chips’ English was great and we spent the next five hours together — us practicing our Spanish and he practicing his English.  Very fun.

Chips learned English working for several years in the USA — in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, wherever he could find work.  Now, he owns his own cab and prowls the streets of the historic center of Puebla picking up fares.  We were glad we found him!  He was glad to make 600 pesos for the day, a princely sum here!  Then he could go to Vaca Negra (the Black Cow) for dinner.

When you are in Puebla, Mexico, call Chips, he’ll take you wherever you want to go securely and safely for a reasonable price.

Taxi Huesk (Chips), Cell 222 335 9673


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