Day of the Dead Best of Week Photos: Barbara Szombatfalvy

Barbara is an animal lover who found the street dogs of Oaxaca and Teotitlan del Valle to be captivating subjects.  Frank Hunter, our instructor, suggested that we each choose a theme for our final presentation.  

Barbara’s Best of Week photos show her compassion for animals and the connection she has to them.  By participating in the Day of the Dead Photography Expedition, Barbara learned to use Lightroom photo editing software and moved completed from automatic to using the manual mode on her camera.  Plus, this was her first time using a tripod for night photography.

Barbara has a family law practice in Durham, North Carolina. She knows the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University where instructor Frank Hunter taught for the past ten years.  This year, she was the first to register since last year we filled quickly and had to put her on a wait list last .

Interested in attending in 2014? Send me an email.

Here are the Best of Week photos Barbara Szombatfalvy selected to share.

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