Day of the Dead Best of Week Photos: Starr Sariego

Starr Sariego arrived at our Day of the Dead Photography Expedition eager to know more.  And, she was the only one actively using the manual mode of her camera before the class began, manipulating shutter speed, lens aperture and ISO.  Being familiar, Starr was able to use the week to hone skills, manipulate light more precisely, and see Oaxaca as a documentary photographer.

For the past year, since she got her new camera, Starr does photo shoots for non-profit organizations in Miami, Florida, where she lives.  Her hope is to expand her clientele as a result of this workshop.

To get on the list for the 2014 expedition, contact me. 

Here are Starr’s Best of Week photographs that she selected.

girls janet bro manos street beg grave backlit grave cross church rose catarina abuelo alter  band jamaica grave skull kitchen lit abuelo guitar abuelo market chairs   foodt o abuelo market bowls parade vendor tienda red shawl teo panteon red umbrella moto mimi


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