Day of the Dead Best Photos: Donna Howard

At the first Day of the Dead Photography Expedition session, Donna Howard told the group she wanted to improve her portrait photography skills.  During the workshop week, Donna concentrated on taking pictures of people, something she was uncomfortable with because it meant getting closer and establishing a relationship with the subject.  As the week progressed and we saw Donna’s best of the day photos, it was clear that she had uncovered a hidden talent.  In fact, we think she nailed it.  And, she moved from using the automatic setting on her DSLR to becoming facile with manual mode.

Born in Tasmania, Donna is a teacher of indigenous students in Australia’s Northern Territory.  She took a year off to travel and the photography expedition capped off a month residency in Oaxaca before returning home to begin the school year.

Here are the photos Donna selected as her best of the week.

subject 2 IMG_0934 subject 5 subject 6 IMG_0992 subject 1 subject 12 IMG_0579 IMG_0860 subject 4 subject 3 IMG_0879 flowers (1 of 1) IMG_0701  subject 13

If you are interested in attending the 2014 Day of the Dead Photography Expedition in Oaxaca, Mexico, please contact Norma Hawthorne.  We are assembling next year’s group now.


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