Friends of Guadalupe: How Your Small Gift Counts

Updated October 16, 2014:  On September 30, I wrote A Prayer for Guadalupe, a post about our friend Lupita who was diagnosed with breast cancer and is being treated in Oaxaca. She is a widow with three children. Her resources are limited and a group of us have come together to for a fundraising effort to raise enough money for her to cover out-of-pocket expenses. We expect they will be substantial, since Lupita’s income depends on weaving and house cleaning, which she cannot do right now.

So far, we have collectively raised $3,211.  The cost of the surgeon was $1,350, which was paid out of this effort, and there will be expenses for chemotherapy coming up.

Thanks to all who have contributed.  It means so much. Will YOU add your name to this list?


    • David Aycock, Waco, TX
    • Sarah W. Aycock, Rayville, LA
    • Susan Bean Aycock, Oaxaca, MX
    • Anonymous, Oaxaca
    • Lena Bartula, San Miguel de Allende, MX
    • Barbara Beerstein, Santa Cruz, CA
    • Ellen Benson, Philadelphia, PA
    • Lori Benson, Oaxaca
    • Roberta Christie, Tallahassee, FL
    • Colleen Darling, Solvang, CA
    • Mary Erickson, Oaxaca
    • Jo Ann and Tom Feher, Seattle, WA
    • Janet Fish, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Norma Hawthorne, Graham, NC and Oaxaca
    • Jenny Heard, Everett, WA
    • Rachael Herron, Oakland, CA
    • Elliot Hughes, Berkeley, CA
    • Natalie Hughes, Berkeley, CA
    • Jesse Hughes, Berkeley, CA
    • Edgar James, Washington, D.C.
    • Elliot Jobe, Maple Grove, MN
    • Candace King, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Kate Kingston, Trinidad, CO
    • Suzanne Kinney, Chicago, IL
    • Carol Estes Knox, Oaxaca
    • Kathryn Leide, Madison, WI
    • Deborah Mancuso, San Jose, CA
    • Elizabeth Moffett, Sonora, CA
    • My Mexico Tours, Santa Cruz, CA
    • Carolyn Nakasato, Pearl City, HI
    • Hollie Taylor Novak, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Melanie Schulze, New Braunfels, TX
    • Shannon Pixley Sheppard, Oaxaca
    • Lorajean Smith, Portland, OR
    • Julie Streeter, Beverly Shores, IN
    • Barbara Szombatfalvy, Durham, NC
    • Liduina Van Nes, San Francisco, CA
    • Michelle T. Verduzco, Oaxaca
    • Diana Youtsey, Portland, OR

Friends of Guadalupe:

Make Your Gift for Breast Cancer Treatment



Click the PayPal button above to make your gift. It will be deposited into my Oaxaca Cultural Navigator PayPal account and I will convert it to pesos and give your gift to Lupe.  If you want to send along messages or prayers for healing, please include this.  If you just wish to send money from your account to mine, my PayPal account is

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