Oaxaca Portraits: Photography by Luvia Lazo Gutierrez

This Oaxaca Faces Portrait Photography Workshop with Matt Nager was much more than taking candid photos of people we might see on the street. We depended on Teotiteca Luvia Lazo Gutierrez, who assisted me at the last photo workshop, to help connect us with local families. She speaks Spanish, Zapotec and English, so Luvia could talk to elders in their native language, since so many only know a smattering of Español. An English teacher, Luvia hopes to go to graduate school in photography — maybe in the USA.

A talented photographer in her own right, Luvia’s portrait of her grandmother Candelaria is part of a Oaxaca exhibition at 411 Espacio Fotographia that opened on Saturday night. The show will be up for a month. The gallery is at Eduardo Vasconcelos #411, close to the baseball stadium.

Luvia Lazo Gutierrez, Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca 

 Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits_DSC1195 Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits Luvia Lazo Gutierrez PortraitsLuvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits Luvia Lazo Gutierrez PortraitsLuvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits _DSC1292 _DSC1080 _DSC1131 Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits  Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits _DSC0932 Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits _DSC1223 _DSC1246 _DSC1131  Luvia Lazo Gutierrez Portraits

The portrait photography workshop gave us an intimate experience with local people who were so generous with their time. This cultural immersion offered an unparalleled, in-depth approach to photography. You can see the results for yourself! Thank you, Luvia!

If you want to join our next Day of the Dead photography workshop, let us know — send an email to Norma Hawthorne Shafer.

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