The Oaxaca Mask Project: Progress Report #2–Thanks to Donors

Good News! We have 600 masks ordered. 200 will be delivered by the end of this week and ready to be distributed. 400 masks are being sewn now and we hope to get them into people’s hands by the end of next week. Ojala!

We have four mask-makers in Teotitlan del Valle, one in Oaxaca city, and one in Tlacolula. We are concerned about quality control and requiring that seamstresses use 100% densely woven cotton. We had to correct one seamstress who wanted to use curtain fabric with a open weave! Intervention is essential to protect people.

Public health campaign called for. We attach use and care instructions on each mask.

Teotitlan del Valle Market, April 21, 2020–What do you notice?

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BIG THANKS to all donors (most recent listed first, as of April 22, 10:45 a.m. PDT) who are making The Oaxaca Mask Project possible. Together, we have raised $2,566 USD. Gifts are coming from the USA, Canada and Mexico. People who have a relationship with Oaxaca care deeply.

Winn Kalmon, Taos, New Mexico, and Oaxaca
Beverly Oda, Los Angeles, California
Phil Schlak, Evanston, Illinois
Mike Bronn, Oaxaca
Janet and Jude Waterston
Kajal Patel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Shuko Clouse, Los Angeles, California
Lesa Porche
Gail Barraco, Great Barrington, New York
Lynn Nichols, Denver, Colorado
Lisa Michie, Newport Beach, California
Carolyn Urbanski
Kay Michaels, Oaxaca
Dennys Eymard, Kula, Hawaii
Julia Erickson, Massachusetts
Sam Robbins, Columbus, Ohio
Chris Clark, Lake Chapala, Jalisco
Sunnie Hikawa, Chicago, Illinois
Natalie Klein, South Bend, Indiana
Laura Renger, Long Beach, California
Lynda Nelson, Reno, Nevada
Nancy MacBride
Phyllis Milder
Barbara Beerstein, Santa Cruz, California
Anne Damon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Catherine Johnson
Maureen Parker
Sandra Wilcox, Long Beach, California
Gloria Yeatman,
Diana Huber, San Diego, California
Liz Styles
Robin Greene, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Ellen Benson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nancy Craft, Telluride, Colorado
Marla Jensen, Auburn, California
Diane Manning, Los Gatos, California
Susan Barkoff, Atlanta, Georgia
Jacob Singleton, California
Mary Earle
Susie Robison, California
Deborah Mersky, Johnson City, Texas
Wendy Sease, Durham, North Carolina
Elaine Saunders
Martha Sorensen, Oaxaca
Diana Huber
Claudia Michel, Oregon
Kate Rayner, Canada
Donors to The Oaxaca Mask Project as of April 22, 2020–THANK YOU

Please let me know if you have additions or corrections! And, if you want to tell me your city and state (location), send me an email and I will add it after your name, above.

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