Sending Juvenal Gutierrez Home to Teotitlan: Thank You

A Message of Thanks from Lizet, Juvenal’s daughter

Hello, everyone. I’m Lizet Gutierrez, the daughter of Juvenal Gutierrez Alavez. I want to thank each of you who are helping us to raise funds to move my father’s body to Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. You don’t know how much my family and I appreciate all that you have contributed. You have a big and good heart to help us. We wish the best for each of you and your families. May God bless each one of you for the support you have given to us!

Our Goal: $3,000 — We need $400 more!

Read about how to help Juvenal return home HERE.

Lizet, age 17, her mom Norma, and her 15-year-old brother Lionel are in Southern California, waiting for legal approvals to send Juvenal’s body home for a traditional Zapotec burial. It’s what he would have wanted.

We are grateful to you for your responsiveness and generosity. Forty-nine people contributed a total of $2,600 dollars to help send Juvenal home. We received a range of gifts from $15 to $500 each.

If you haven’t yet made a gift to help — any amount is welcome — please use one of these links:

Please DO NOT select Buying Goods or Services at check-out!

If you don’t use PayPal, we can receive your gift via personal check, VENMO or Zelle. I can also send a Square invoice. Let me know and I will send instructions. I am able to transfer your gifts directly to the family.

THANK YOU to all contributors to date.

Gretchen Ellinger
Trudi Woods
Samuel Burns
Lynn Nichols
Stephanie Smagala
Kaola Phoenix
Susie Robison
Gail Barraco
Barbara Garcia
Carol Estes
Diane Manning
Lesa Porche
Kathleen Burch
David Taylor
Joan Glynn
John Hays
Anne Burns
Beth Katz
Catherine Cox
Anne Romanow
Martha Sorensen
Hugh Eckert
Jo Ann Ward
Kristine Moore
Eve Hiatt
Donna Tuke
Material Media
Barbara Beerstein
Norma Schafer
Deborah Mersky
Nancy Craft
Katharyn Rayner
Joyce Federer
Denis Wood
Marsha Heiman
Marla Jensen
Susan Barkoff
Dean and Kay Michaels
Beverly Keitz
Dorothy Hermann
Jill Bennett
Olive and Lew Greenwald
Kajal Patel
Claudia Michel
Suzanne Ouellette
Joan Quigley
Scott Roth

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