Collector’s Textile Sale: Preview 4

It’s been 19 months since I’ve been to my home in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. In the past several years I’ve been walking, and eating for health (gluten and lactose free). Most of the handwoven clothes I have, mostly from Oaxaca and Chiapas, do not fit! If you wear a size Medium, Large or Extra Large, then look closely below for some beautiful  
blouses (blusas) and dresses (huipiles). Many rare, most with natural dyes.

How to buy: Tell me the item you want by number. Send me your mailing address. I will send you a PayPal invoice after you ID your choices. The invoice will include the cost of the garment + $12 mailing. If you want more than once piece, I’m happy to combine mailing. I’ll be mailing from Taos, NM when I return after November 15.

SOLD. 4.1. From San Pedro Amusgo on the Oaxaca coast, a fine, intricate flower embellished huipil woven on the backstrap loom. This is NOT embroidered but completely loom created. 25” wide x 34” long. $225.
#4.2. From Zacoalpan, Guerrero, an Amusgo huipil woven by a family that grows its own native cotton. This one is RARE natural green cotton —pre-Hispanic. 28” wide x 28” long. $295.
SOLD. 4.3. A beautiful poncho from Chiapas. 100% cotton with handmade ties with fringes on the sides. 34” wide x 38” long. $175.
#4.4. Cute little handwoven pullover scarf from Puebla. $10.
SOLD 4.5 Free-form machine embroidered blouse from Tlahuitoltepec. Sturdy cotton. 20” wide x 24” long. $75.
SOLD 4.6. From the Chinantla region of Oaxaca, where the Flor de Piña dance originated. Have you seen this huipil at the Guelaguetza? A true collector’s piece! 26” wide x 48” long. $595
SOLD. 4.7. Designed by Living Textiles of Mexico’ Sheri Brautigam, a pullover scarf made fromTenancingo ikat woven cotton and fine crochet joinery. One size. $45.
#4.8. Dreamweavers from Pinotepa de Don Luis, Oaxaca collection piece. Backstrap loom woven. Wine red threads embellish traditional designs with handspun cotton. 31” wide x 49” long. $495 —way less than what I paid for it!
#4.9. From Remigio Mestas and Los Baules de Juana Cata, a naturally dyed poncho made on the backstrap loom. 42” wide x. 32” long. $345
SOLD 4.10. A pullover scarf from Puebla, lacy. One size. $10.
#4.11. Vintage embroidered blouse from the Chatino people in the mountains above Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Lacy crochet trim and a gathered neckline that is adjustable. Look at those poinsettias. Perfect for Christmas. 18” across front of bodice and 29” long. $250.

SOLD 4.12. Yes. I’m letting this go. Way too big. The most gorgeous weaving from Dreamweavers in Pinotepa de Don Luis. Indigo and caracol púrpura. Look at all those figures. Months to make. By Amada. 29” wide x 29” long. $375.

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