Collector’s Textile Sale: Preview 5

It’s been 19 months since I’ve been to my home in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. In the past several years I’ve been walking, and eating for health (gluten and lactose free). Most of the handwoven clothes I have, mostly from Oaxaca and Chiapas, do not fit! If you wear a size Medium, Large or Extra Large, then look closely below for some beautiful  
blouses (blusas) and dresses (huipiles). Many rare, most with natural dyes. I am also including shawls and scarves, too.

How to buy: Tell me the item you want by number. Send me your mailing address. I will send you a PayPal invoice after you ID your choices. The invoice will include the cost of the garment + $12 mailing. If you want more than once piece, I’m happy to combine mailing. I’ll be mailing from Taos, NM when I return after November 15.

SOLD. #5.1 Huipil from Zacoalpan, Guerrero. Back-strap loom woven with native green pre-Hispanic cotton. Soft, comfortable and rare. 28”wide x 28” long. Will fit M-L. $295
SOLD. 5.2. Huipil from Las Sanjuaneras in San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca, woven on the backstrap loom by Camerina, cotton with natural dyes. 27” wide x 36” long. $145
#5.3. From the Dreamweavers collection, Pinotepa de Don Luis, Oaxaca coast. 100% cotton woven on backstrap loom. Embellished in wine colored designs depicting the double headed eagle, man/woman, the serpent got Quetzalcoatl. 31” wide x 47” long. $495.
#5.4. San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas blouse, densely covered woven bodice that shimmers with finely detailed figures. 24” wide x 23” long. Great with jeans! $135
SOLD. #5.5. Vintage Amusgo huipil from Guerrero with natural dyes. Amazing workmanship rarely found today. 36” wide x37” long. $395
#5.6. From the best cooperative in the San Pablo Tijaltepec Mixtec region of Oaxaca, a smocked blouse with traditional figures of reindeer. Naa Naanga group. Size L-XL. 28” wide x 27” long. $285.
#5.7. Chinantla region of Oaxaca state in the mountains between the city and Caribbean coast of Veracruz. See these in the famous pineapple dance at the Guelaguetza! Backstrap loom and cross stitching. 27” wide x 45” long. Pristine. $595.
#5.8. From Tenejapa, Chiapas, completely made on the backstrap loom using supplementary weft technique. Open sides. Sew it up for a blouse, wear it open for a poncho, hang it for textile display. 27” wide x 25” long. $225.
SOLD 5.9. Birds are the predominant feature of this vintage backstrap woven huipil from a village on the Chiapas-Guatemala border. 34” wide x 34” long. $285.
SOLD. 5.10. Another beauty from Chinantla in the traditional red, black and white color way. Woven on a backstrap loom. Supplementary weft. No embroidery! 27” wide x 41” long. These sell for $800-1200 USD in the city. $595.
#5.11. Dress with fine embroidered bodice made in Aguacatenango, Chiapas. Pima cotton. 23” wide x 41” long. $165
SOLD. 5.12. Ikat woven vintage Guatemala fabric made on the backstrap loom, embellished with embroidery from the Juchitan region of Oaxaca. Made by Aurora, owner of Oaxaca’s La Zandunga restaurant. 28” wide x 44” long. $125.
SOLD. 5.13. Needle lace roses adorn the bodice, shoulders and skirt of this dress from Morelia, Michoacán. This is a very difficult technique and not many work this way now. Perfect for spring. Is anyone getting married? 28” wide x 50” long. $295.
#5.14. Finest backstrap loom collectors piece from Chinantla bought at an expoventa in the village. 28” wide x 44” long. $595.
#5.15 Shawl/ rebozo dyed with fuchsine, a trade mark of the Oaxaca coast village of Santiago Ixtlayutla, near Pinotepa de Don Luis. The silk woven supplementary weft designs absorb the dye. The dye running is intentional. 26” wide x 90” long. $285.
SOLD. #5.16. I bought this from Remigio Mestas at Los Baules de Juana Cata and it has been a very favorite piece. I’m swimming in it. I’d say it’s a Large-Extra Large. The embroidered bodice and cuffs are filled with birds. The workmanship is dense and perfect. The fabric is a gauzy cream colored cotton that is soft and luxurious. You can’t find a piece like this now. $350.

I may have time to list Preview 6 before I leave Oaxaca, but I’m not sure. Stay tuned. Thanks to everyone for looking and helping me pass these treasures along.

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