Collector’s Textile Sale: Preview 6

It’s been 19 months since I’ve been to my home in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. In the past several years I’ve been walking, and eating for health (gluten and lactose free). Most of what I’m featuring here are shawls, scarves, bed and table covers. Some are cotton and some are wool. Many use natural dyes. In this group are Rosario’s Bolsas, all hand-embroidered, cross-body bags for beauty and security.

Many pieces are new. I bought them to support artisans over the years as I have traveled to remote villages throughout Mexico.

How to buy: Tell me the item you want by number. Send me your mailing address. I will send you a PayPal invoice after you ID your choices. The invoice will include the cost of the garment + $12 mailing. If you want more than one piece, I’m happy to combine mailing. I’ll be mailing from Taos, NM when I return after November 15.

Holidays are coming! Think gift-giving.

SOLD 6.1 Cotton shawl or throw dyed with indigo. Woven on the pedal loom in Mitla. 25” wide x 86” long. Beautiful hand-twisted fringes. $65
SOLD. 6.2 Backstrap loom woven in Zinacantan, Chiapas. Square folds to triangular scarf. 24” x 24”. $65
SOLD. 6.3. Soft wool shawl or throw dyed with wild marigold in Mitla on the pedal loom. 30” wide x 78” long. $65.
SOLD 6.4. San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas, backstrap loom woven scarf. All cotton. 14” wide x 80” long. $55.
SOLD 6.5. Cotton shawl, ikat woven on pedal loom, black, white, dark green. 44” wide x 62” long. $65
SOLD 6.6. From Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca, cotton dyed with indigo and nanche fruit. Look at the macrame fringes! Spectacular. 12” wide x 80” long. $75.
SOLD. 6.7. Indigo wool throw using the ikat weaving technique. Special twisted fringes include indigo touches. From our favorite Mitla design studio. 26” wide x 88” long. $125.

SOLD. 6.8. Indigo poncho using ikat dyeing techniques. From our favorite Mitla design studio. Soft and cozy wool. 35” wide x 31” long. $125.

SOLD. 6.9. A large densely embroidered cotton cloth finished with mitered edges. Motifs of birds and flowers. Use as bed or table covering or wall hanging. From the best embroidery cooperative in San Bartolomé Ayautla. 66” wide x 96” long. $125.
SOLD. 6.10. Wool shawl from Veracruz. Handmade. Natural dyes including wild marigold. 22” wide x 80” long. $55.
#6.11. Índigo 3-panel posahuanco (traditional wrap-around skirt and fabric) woven on the backstrap loom by Luis Adan on the Oaxaca coast. 44” x 82”. Use as bed or table cover. Use as throw for a sofa or chair accent piece. $135.
SOLD. 6.12. Three handwoven and embroidered napkins from Jamiltepec on the Oaxaca coast. Approximately 20” x 20” square. $45.
#6.13. A selection of 8 hand-embroidered cross body bags made by my friend Rosario in Teotitlan Del Valle. Each is lined with an inside pocket and zippered close. Approximately 11” wide x 9-1/2” high. $45 each.

tell me the number and the color, please!

Top Row: left to right— 16.13-A, 16.13-B, 16.13-C
Middle Row: left to right—16.13-D, 16.13-E, 16.13-F
Bottom Row: left to right— 16.13-G, 16.13-H

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