Happy New Year 2022 From Oaxaca

sending you wishes for a healthy 2022, filled with hopefulness and promise for all goodness and well-being, from our house to yours, our family to yours. We hope to see you in Oaxaca or wherever our paths will cross. With thanks for your support and for following us over the last year as we navigate a new world in this era of caution and uncertainty. There is still much to be thankful for. Abrazos fuertes.

These are photos I took over the last few days as 2021 came to a close, as we visited family and dear friends, as we gathered outdoors, carefully, in celebration.

New Year’s Day visit to Taller @feylola for a natural dye and weaving demo

Índigo-dyed wool yarn at Arturo’s studio in Mitla
A walk in the campo with the dogs to the grotto
Ernestina’s tamales con mole Amarillo
Armando’s handmade doll from Mitla
Walnut raisin gluten-free birthday cake on New Year’s Eve
With my comadres Janet and Elsa
Traditional corn pudding called nicuatole from Rosario
Tlacolula church regalia and gold leaf
New year’s special at Armando’s in Mitla, atole with espuma de chocolate
A New Year gathering of family and friends. Santiago is Cat Boy.

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