2nd Try. Day 2 Tenejapa Carnival +

It’s late. I want to post this before the days get away from me though it’s past bedtime. So it will be short. We spent a long and satisfying day in villages beyond San Cristobal de las Casas.

First to Tenejapa for market day and the extraordinary display of music, indigenous traje (dress/costumes), and flags that are part of the 13-day Carnival, the village feast days to honor their patron saint San Sebastián. The number 13 is significant in the Maya calendar, representing the levels of the universe. We call this syncretism, a blending of indigenous and Spanish Catholic beliefs.

After a visit to the women’s cooperative of 200 members, we made a stop to see a demonstration of pompom making by the master. his grandfather introduced the style of decorating men’s Tenejapa festival hats with these brightly colored balls. The family is now experimenting with natural dyes.

For years we have been stopping in Romerillo to picnic under the Maya crosses at the apex of the cemetery. It’s a reflective and spiritual experience.

We head home at sunset, to the glow of an almost full moon. But only after visiting Maruch and her family in a rural part of Chamula territory. We see a demonstration of all the traditional parts of weaving with a back strap loom, then felting to make a furry warm sheep wool skirt perfect for the cold and misty Highlands

A full day, from 9 am to 6:30 pm, exploring the weaving culture of Chiapas.

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