Last Day in Chiapas: Expoventa and Regrets Sale

First thing in the morning after breakfast on the day before departure, we line up for a covid antigen test. Most of us in our textile study tour are returning to the USA the next day. So, we arranged for a laboratory to come to the hotel. Even though I’m staying on, I decided to test, too, just for reassurances. We are proving we can travel safely without infection. We all tested negative!

Hotel staff set up display tables on the grassy courtyard outside our rooms. We invited artisans we know to come and present their work for sale. Francisca, master embroiderer from Aguacatenango who makes the most exquisite French knot blouses, participated. So did Juana from Amantenango who makes large scale jaguar figures out of pottery. We invited a representative from an amber wholesaler and our guide Gabriela’s roommate came with delicious highland coffee. It was a great morning.

Francisca and her daughter Leslie

With the afternoon on our own, some of us went to newly opened Kokono, a restaurant created by Chamula Chef Claudia A. Ruiz Santiz, who sharpened her chef’s knives working with Pujol Chef Enrique Olvera in Mexico City. Bien rico! Others needed the time to pick-up last minute gifts or to get to the FedEx office to ship things home.

Regrets Sale? What’s that? I love to offer the opportunity to pass along any regret purchases to others on the trip. This time, there were few regrets. We gathered at 5:30 in my hotel room to review the discards. There were four pieces! Wonderful that so few of us had any regrets.

Our grand finale dinner was at Tierra y Cielo Restaurant, just up the street from the hotel. I always find this restaurant to prepare excellent meals at a fair price.

Everyone in Chiapas 1 has gone home. I’m here resting and working until our Chiapas 2 group arrives in five days.

We plan to offer ONE CHIAPAS TEXTILE TOUR in 2023. If you are interested in finding out more as we publish details, please email us expressing your interest. We will add you to the list and offer you first opportunity to register. Thank you.

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