Oaxaca Shopping + Market Bags Are Us: Buy Yours

I spent part of the morning yesterday at Oaxaca’s Benito Juarez Market foraging for market baskets just like the ones that I tote everywhere here and back in the USA. I have special requirements. They must be sturdy and well-made. They must be black and white. The design pattern must be graphically simple. To sell them to you, it must be something I would buy for myself.


The one I tote here, there, everywhere

In addition to these practical and serviceable totes, I’m in love with woven palm baskets handmade in Oaxaca’s Mixtec region, high in the mountains and far from the city. These particular styles are hard to find. I use them at home in Taos to hold rolled towels and rolls of bathroom tissue—attractive and practical.

Limited availability! Not many of these can be found and I’m not sure I can get more. Ready to mail when I return to New Mexico on November 15. Buy now to reserve yours.

How to Buy: Send an email to norma.schafer@icloud.com and tell me the item(s) you want to purchase by number, your email, your mailing address and which payment method you prefer: 1) Zelle bank transfer with no service fee; 2) Venmo or 3) PayPal each with a 3% service fee. I will send you a request for funds and then add on a flat rate $14 mailing fee. Happy to combine shipping. Thank you. Note: Thank you for understanding that all sales are final.

1A–SOLD. (left) and 1B–SOLD. (right). 18″x14″ — $56 each
SOLD. #2. Square basket with reinforced leather handles. Only one. 12″x12″–$67
SOLD OUT. #3. 16″ diameter by 14″ high. $67.
View of #3 folded down.

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