A Mother’s Day Tribute with Photos

First and foremost, we are women and men who come from women. It’s fitting today that we honor and remember them. The mothers who gave us life, and all the other women, mothers or not, who shaped and influenced us, gave us encouragement, support and role modeling, who formed us into who we are today. This could be sisters, aunts, cousins, teachers, friends, children, influencers. All women who passed through our lives matter. I often say that my own mother was a force who taught me as much about who I wanted to be as who I didn’t. Hopefully, this is instructive as we make our way through the world, make our mistakes, make our peace, make amends, make life happen and grow in the process. Thanks to all, men and women, daughters and sons, nieces and nephews who influenced us and who we had influence upon. Happy Mother’s Day.

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