Chiapas Sheep Wool Rugs for Sale

Maruch and her sister Micaela are weavers in the San Juan Chamula village of Chilinjoveltik, in the highlands of Chiapas about twenty miles beyond San Cristobal de las Casas. The Chamula people love their churro sheep, never slaughter them for food (they are considered holy), and shear them for their lustrous, warm pelts.

They make an unusual felted textile manipulated with their feet after it has been woven. They use cold water on the woven textile and dance on it until the fibers of the wool come out in long strands. The result is fabric that looks like fur!

They use this for wooly skirts cinched with a colorful handwoven strap, for ponchos, and long ceremonial vests worn by village officials. These garments can cost the equivalent of $700-$1200 USD.

When I was there on our Chiapas Textile Study Tour last February, (we have some spaces open for 2024) I had this idea that smaller pieces could make amazing floor mats. I bought a couple of large pieces, cut and edged them, to use as a mat by the kitchen sink, by my patio door, and by my shower. I love the look and feel!

So, I commissioned Maruch and Micaela to make four pieces to offer them for sale. Perhaps you will love these as much as I do! All natural sheep wool. Will not unravel. Each measures approximately 28” x 30”. Cost is $250 each plus $14 mailing. They are in my possession. When you buy, I will ship!

How to Buy: Send an email to and tell me the item(s) you want to purchase by number, your email, your mailing address, your phone number, and which payment method you prefer: 1) Zelle bank transfer with no service fee; 2) Venmo or 3) PayPal each with a 3.5% service fee. Please send me your account name or number! I will send you a request for funds and then add on a $14 mailing fee. Happy to combine shipping if you buy more than one piece. These are one-of-a-kind. Note: Thank you for understanding that all sales are final. Please measure carefully.

#1 Black Rug

#2 White Rug

#3 Gray Rug

#4 Brown Rug — Note: This one below is not quite as densely felted as the others. You can see the warp and weft threads through the hair. Will sell for $210.

How to Clean: I hang mine from a clothes line to sway in the breeze! You can also shake vigorously outside. You can use a dog brush as well to brush out the fibers.

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