Huipiles Sale and Furry Bath Mats Close-outs

Janet Chávez Santiago from Teotitlan del Valle is with me now in Taos. We were together last week in Nashville for a pop-up sale of Fe y Lola Rugs from Oaxaca. Then, we flew to Denver to visit friends and drive to Northern New Mexico early Thursday morning to return in time for me to do a reading at the Taos literary society, SOMOS. I received word on Friday that my essay, Lipstick, was accepted for publication in Minerva Rising Press. Another outlet for creativity!

I’ve been going through the textiles I brought back with me from Oaxaca and Chiapas in April and now want to offer them for sale. These are new and have not been listed before. Many are perfect for the hot weather in most places through the US. Stay cool with these finely woven gauzy huipiles and blusas.

How to Buy: Write to Tell me the item you want by number. Send me your mailing address. Tell me how you want to pay. Choose one of three ways.

You can pay one of three ways: 1) with Zelle and no service fee; 2) with Venmo or 3) with PayPal. If you choose either #2 or #3, we add on a 3.5% service fee which is their charge to us, and we will send a Request for Funds. We need your account information, either a phone number or email address or Venmo name. The request will include the cost of the garment + $14 mailing charge. We are happy to combine orders.

SOLD #1. Pinotepa de Don Luis weaver Viridiana created this pericone, purple snail dye, and indigo huipil. Very rare combination. It measures 27″ wide x 37″ long. All natural cotton. Beautiful drape. $395.

#2. This is a fuchsine dyed huipil from Pinotepa de Don Luis, very fine hand weaving on the back strap loom. it is silk and cotton. The silk takes the dye and the bleeding is an intentional part of the design. It is 32″ wide x 39″ long. Very collectible. $595.

SOLD. #3. From the village of San Felipe Usila in the Papoalpan region of Oaxaca that borders the Gulf of Mexico, this finely woven white on cream huipil is perfect for summer dressing. It measures 27″ wide x 36-1/2″ long. $295.

#4. Peach colored huipil from Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero is an Amusgo design that is hand woven with natural dyes. It measures 28″ wide x 34″ long. $155.

SOLD. #5. San Juan Colorado huipil from the Oaxaca Coast. Finely woven indigo with gourd dyed designs. Measures 31″ wide x 34″ long. $295.

#6. Dyed with wild marigold and brazilwood, this huipil from San Juan Colorado measures 30″ wide x 30″ long. $265.

SOLD. #7. An indigo crop-top from San Juan Colorado, dyed with indigo, tree bark and including native white cotton, with lovely crocheted detailing. Measures 28″ wide x 18-1/2″ long. $125.

Now for the Bath Mat Close-Out. I ordered these from a weaver felt-maker in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas. I thought they would make amazing furry bath mats or to use at the kitchen sink. I’m reducing them to the cost I paid for them, since I won’t be reordering these. Please choose by number.

Each one is $145 plus mailing. All hand-woven and then felted with the weaver’s feet who dances on the textile to felt it.

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