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take20 on the Shop — 20% Off Today and Tomorrow ONLY

We are sweetening the deal with a deeper discount of 20% off on Offer is good only today and tomorrow, November 30 and December 1. Discount applies to everything: rugs, clothing, jewelry, home goods, and more.

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When you buy on the shop, you can use your credit card or PayPal. There are no added service fees to you. All major credit cards accepted — Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

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Here are just a few of the more than 100 pieces we have available on the shop.

SALE. Shop Fancy APRONS. Shop Artisan Made

We are continuing to offer our artisan made goods through Friday, December 1. Use Discount Code thankful2023 for savings.

Today, we feature handmade, machine washable and dryable aprons from Oaxaca. We buy these from an artisan family in San Miguel del Valle, Oaxaca. They use a free-form embroidery sewing machine, which means there is no pre-programmed pattern. They guide the needle by hand to create these floral designs. We have two aprons that are lightly embroidered and two that are densely embroidered. We call these Fancy Aprons. Perfect for holiday adornment when you are serving that special meal to family and friends. Sizes range from small to large.

To buy, see details on the shop:

Note: We accept PayPal and all major credit cards on the Shop. There is no added service fee. We cover all fees.

SALE Shop Rugs. Shop Artisan Made.

We’ve just added these five rugs to the Shop. Rugs are hand woven on a traditional 2-harness pedal loom in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca, by Eric Chavez Santiago. They are made with hand-spun churro sheep wool and dyed using all natural sources — cochineal, indigo, wild marigold and more!

These are sturdy enough to walk on and beautiful enough to hang on a wall. It takes about four weeks to prepare the yarn for dyeing and then to weave the piece, and then to finish off the edges. sale continues through Friday.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a discount using code thankful2023. We rarely discount!

These rugs and more are featured in our Shop. Go there for sizes and pricing.

Many of you know Eric. Not only is he a fine weaver, he is my godson and partner in Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC. Eric was born and raised in Teotitlan del Valle, and is the oldest son in the Fe y Lola weaving family. He started weaving at age eight and over the years developed a fine sense of design and use of color. When he was age 20, Eric began experimenting with cochineal and developed over 100 shades of red using different acids and bases.

With his encouragement, the family moved from using synthetic dyes to an all natural palette—sustainable, organic, environmentally responsible.

For the complete selection of rugs, and for more artisan made clothing, jewelry, home goods, go to

You can purchase using most credit cards and PayPal. There is no fee to you!

SALE Shop Small. Shoulder Bags Just Added.

Our sale continues through December 1. Use Discount Code thankful2023. Everything on our shop is handmade and sourced from outstanding artisans we know personally in Oaxaca and Chiapas. Today, we are featuring four beautifully embroidered cotton shoulder bags with a floral motif. Each is a different color. These are perfect for around town or for evening dressing. They make great gifts, too. The bags are made by our friend Rosario, whose nickname is Chela, in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, where I live part of the year. They feature a lining with inside pocket and are big enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, and other necessary accessories. Chela is an excellent seamstress so these are well-made. I’ve worn mine for years!

Shop Small SALE Continues to December 1

We pride ourselves on buying direct from artisan makers. We know them and the quality of their work. We believe that by supporting makers we are contributing to the well-being of their children, families and communities. Many live in remote regions of Mexico where they have little or no access to those of us who appreciate and can purchase their work directly. In many communities, the men are subsistence farmers who raise the three sisters: beans, corn, and squash to feed their families. Women are able to find markets for what they make and can then raise the cash to pay for the cost of education, health care, and additional food to sustain them. When we bring small groups to visit, what we purchase is a benefit and a blessing. As we continue to give thanks in this season for the abundance in our lives, making a purchase here helps women and their families survive and thrive.

Use Discount Code thankful2023 when you make a purchase at

We’ve just added these beautiful handmade bags to the shop. More than 75 items are listed, including handwoven, naturally dyed rugs and wall-hangings by Eric Chavez Santiago, Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Perhaps there is something you would like to embellish your holiday wardrobe or for gifting something special!