Hot, Humid on the Oaxaca Coast. Heading North on the Costa Chica. Day One.

Last night was amazing. The bioluminescence in the Manialtepec Lagoon was the most spectacular I’ve ever seen in the eight or so years we having been coming to Puerto Escondido for the start of the Oaxaca Coast Textile Study Tour. (We are scheduling this again for 2025, so please tell us if you want to go.) We experienced this after participating in a Ridley turtle release, then an alfresco fresh fish dinner on the beach followed by toasting marshmallows over an open fire. The bioluminescence is impossible to photograph, so I have it leave it to your imagination that the fish are irridescent, you can see them jumping as if they were illuminated, and when you raise your arms from the water, your skin sparkles like diamonds.

There are thirteen travelers (a lucky number), me, Eric, and cultural anthropologist Denise joins us today as we explore back strap loom weaving villages.

The bird watching on the lagoon was amazing — so many species to see.

We participated in a Ridley turtle release at sunset, followed by a fresh fish dinner on the beach.

Yes, there are crocodiles, but Lalo Ecotours took us to swim where it was safe and secure.

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