About Elsa Sanchez Diaz

Elsa Sanchez Diaz is a Oaxaca native and natural dye master. She is a partner in Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC and married to Eric Chavez Santiago. Elsa teaches one-to-three day natural dye workshops exploring the natural plants and cochineal found in Oaxaca and other parts of Mexico. She focuses on teaching about indigo, wild marigold, tree barks, and fruits that make up the palette of colors to dye protein and cellulose fibers. She is knowledgeable about artisan craft development and processes to make handmade clothing and folk art, knows the artisans personally, and guides our day tours, something she has been doing for over four years. She teaches both at her dye studio in the historic center of Oaxaca and at her new workshop in Teotitlan del Valle. Elsa is a graduate of Anahuac University and speaks English.