Teotitlan del Valle: Self-Guided Map

The Teotitlan del Valle Map of my favorite rug weaving artisans, is for sale at $10 USD for one copy for your personal use only. Be sure to send us your email address to receive PDF map. PayPal is hiding emails from most orders. Double-check or we cannot send you the map!

How to order? Click and order here with pre-payment: www.PayPal.me/oaxacaculture/10

NOTE: We require 48-hour notice to fulfill an order. We must receive your request and payment at least two days in advance. All orders are fulfilled manually and are not automatically sent.

 As soon as the transaction is complete, I receive notice, then send you an email PDF file of the map that you can print out at home or save to your mobile device.  The map is copyrighted and may not be duplicated or reproduced in any way without my permission.  You are entitled to print out one copy for your personal use!  (Honor Code)  Thank you.

Please note: For sustainability and environmental health concerns, I am committed to featuring weavers who work only in natural dyes. To authenticate this, I relied my own extensive research and on the expert advice of Lic. Eric Chavez Santiago, former education director at the Oaxaca Textile Museum, and director, Andares del Arte Popular folk art gallery, an entrepreneurial venture of the Alfredo Harp Helu Family.

There are 2,000 looms in Teotitlan del Valle.  It is estimated that perhaps as few as 10 percent use natural dyes, while almost everyone knows how to give a cochineal dye demonstration.

The map highlights favorite off-the beaten path stops in the village. Here’s what’s included:

  • Weavers who work only in natural dyes
  • Where to sleep and eat
  • The village church, museum and rug market

You will receive via email a PDF of the Map and a KEY to all the locations.

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