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Heads Up: Finding Aeromexico at Benito Juarez Airport, Mexico City

Travel life has just gotten a little more confusing now that Mexicana airlines is bankrupt and no longer flying.  The only way to get to Oaxaca is by flying on Continental (semi-officially now known as United Airlines) from Houston direct, or via the other major carriers through Mexico City with a 45-minute connection on AeroMexico or a six-hour bus ride on ADO.

This is written for those of you who are flying to Mexico City on US Air or American.  Your flights will land in Terminal One — the original Mexico City terminal.  Since AeroMexico is located in the new international Terminal Two, you will need to take the airtrain (aerotren) from Terminal One to Terminal Two after you clear customs.  It’s a schlepp, so factor in enough time to get to your connection — I suggest at least 30 minutes.  AeroMexico is located in L3 (lounge 3) of Terminal Two.  Our wait in line to get our electronic ticket converted to a paper ticket took about 20 minutes.

If you are flying into Mexico City on Continental (United) or Delta, they arrive at Terminal Two, so no worries, no extra hassle.

The airfares now are about 20-30 percent higher to get to Oaxaca because of this reduced competition.  There is very little if any cost benefit to connect in Mexico City.  The round-trip from RDU to Oaxaca via Houston on Continental was actually less this week than the price to buy a RT from RDU to Mexico City and then a separate internal flight on AeroMexico.  That last leg was costing out at $300 RT MC-Oaxaca.  Bummer.