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Mexico City Airport: How safe is it?

Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City is like any other major international airport — comfortable, safe, clean, lots of shopping and good food. Plus, there is friendly help everywhere — wait staff, porters to help with luggage, and even the experience of going through customs is positive.

People often ask me:  How safe is it to fly into Mexico City?  My answer would be:  Mexico City airport is as safe as flying into Chicago O’Hare, DFW or Houston Intercontinental, LAX or IAD.  Okay, pick your U.S. destination and compare the photos below to what a big airport looks like anywhere USA.

Here are photos to prove it!

People are connecting in this lounge to the U.S., Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Argentina.  I heard French, Spanish, Japanese, and English.

And laptops, iPads, Blackberries, iPhones, and Droids are ubiquitous.  Telcel even gives you limited free Wi-Fi access, and there are Samsung charging stations everywhere.

And, one more …

The man sitting next to me was a New Yorker who had just returned from San Cristobal de Casas.  He works for a boutique hotel organization and was checking out an affiliation in Chiapas.  Newark to Mexico City to San Cristobal.  Muy facile.  And, he spoke very little Spanish (muchas gracias, un poquito) and got by very well.

Most U.S. air carriers bring passengers to Benito Juarez International Airport and connect them on Aeromexico to destinations throughout Mexico and south, including Oaxaca.

Buen viaje!

Bus From Puebla to Mexico City Airport

We are on the Estrella Roja airporter bus that takes us directly to the international terminals One and Two at Benito Juarez Airport. We have been following the volcanoes for the past hour and a half. An impressive site with smoke. Idling from the cone of snow-capped El Popo.

This bus is luxe complete with free wifi and free drinks and snacks for 194 pesos which is about equivalent to $16 USD. Chrissy and I are both blogging so this two hour trip goes quickly. We fortified ourselves at the 4 Poniente bus terminal with complementary cafe americano.

The 4 Poniente bus station is about 7 minutes from the Puebla historic center and much more convenient than going the 20-30 minutes outside town to the larger TAPU station where we arrived from Oaxaca.

We bought the tickets to Mexico City as soon as we arrived at TAPU since seats fill quickly. Bus transport is the easiest and most cost effective way for locals to travel throughout Mexico. Muy facile y tranquilo.

Each state/region has it’s own bus line. So it is Estrella Roja that serves Puebla while ADO serves Oaxaca.

Most of the international flights leave from Terminal One in Mexico City. Continental/United departs from Terminal Two (same as AeroMexico). This bus makes stops at both terminals so travelers don’t have to take the airtrain. This makes it really easy to make a stopover to Puebla when you are going to Oaxaca. And it is much cheaper to fly round trip to MC and then take internal bus transport.

Buen viaje.