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International Surface Design Association Conference Features Oaxaca Weaver Tito Mendoza

Tito Mendoza Ruiz uses a traditional Saltillo-style tapestry weaving technique that employs 22 threads per inch to create his very intricate and detailed work.  He is one of the weavers, along with Federico Chavez Sosa, featured in Carolyn Kallenborn’s documentary film, “Woven Lives.”  Tito’s work and Carolyn’s film are showing at the 2011 International Surface Design Association Conference in Minneapolis-St. Paul.  See the invitation letter from Tito below.

Click here for a link to the Conference Brochure.

An Invitation from Oaxaca weaver Tito Mendoza




Tito Mendoza's Art Rug Mural selected for special exhibition in Mexico City

The figure of an indigenous Zapotec moves out of the traditional “Eye of God” design on the left side of the tapestry into the cornfields, through wind, sky and ocean.  The allegorical piece is a tribute to the power of nature and the place that humans hold in it.  The cotton hand-woven fringes were tied off by Alejandrina Rios, the wife of Tito Mendoza.












Oaxaca Folk Art Sale: Handwoven Handbags

Cochineal on Opuntia cactus, La Palma

Cochineal on a Prickly Pear Cactus

My collection has grown and overtaken me!  It’s time to offer a few pieces for sale.  I have also listed these on eBay, so if you want them please contact me directly to confirm that they are still available.

Cochineal Dyed Hand Bag, Handwoven, $60

This bag has a zippered closing, is lined and an internal pocket.  It was woven at the Bii Dauu cooperative in Teotitlan del Valle.  Bag is 13″ wide x 10″ high.

Cochineal & Wild Marigold Flower Dyed Wool Handbag, $60

This gorgeous bag has straps that are braided and attached to the bag with grommets.  The green leaf embellishments are sewn with beads.  The cochineal ranges from red to deep purple, a gorgeous contrast to the golden yellow derived from wild marigold flowers.  This bag is woven by Pastora at La Vida Nueva women’s cooperative.

ZigZag Motif Handbag, $60

This lovely bag was woven by my friend Rocio at Casa Santiago.  It also has a zippered closure.  Handles are high quality leather.  The luscious purple color is from the bark of the Palo de Campeche tree.  (Photo shows pink, but the color is a softer mauve purple.) The white and grey contrast is from undyed wool.   Bag is 10″high x 14″ wide.

Shoulder Bags by Erasto "Tito" Mendoza, $125 each

These are stunners!  Tito just won an award at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Festival this summer and has been invited to be part of a big Vancouver, B.C. folk art festival.  Choose one or the other bag (or both, if you please) priced at $125 each.  They are woven with 100% wool in the Saltillo style — 20-22 warp threads per inch.  Very intricate and labor intensive.  These are selling in Oaxaca now for over $200 each.  Very collectible.  Specify blue or gold diamonds.

Red + Black Shoulder Bag w/Coin Purse, $50

Deer, pyramids, turkeys and eagles, and flowers are the design elements on these cotton bags woven on a backstrap loom in Santo Tomas Jalieza by the Navarro Gomez sisters.  Price includes two pieces.

Payment:  I am happy to send you a PayPal invoice!  You can use your charge card or bank account.