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Claims, Disclaimers + Disclosures: IMHO

It occurred to me that some readers might think, wow, she is really focused on highlighting the talents of only a few weavers or a few shops or a few of the talented artisans in Oaxaca, and might wonder if I receive any compensation for indirect “advertising.”  This blog is created as a way to share information, and everything is written as “In My Humble Opinion.”  I do not accept commissions, kick-backs, or compensation of any kind to write about restaurants, shops or particular artisans here.  I have developed friendships with artists and artisans over the years based upon the quality of work they do, their honesty and integrity, and their personal commitment to their history and culture.  I freely recommend these people to you if you choose to go off the beaten path, explore and not take the easy tourist route around Oaxaca by hiring a guide.